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Mekyon - NSolacea by lurils
Mekyon - NSolacea
Most recent design for one of my characters, Mekyon, tho this one is made for a role play game, his main story has a few differences (like not having a mini bazooka-like weapon) 

His previous design was like this: Mekyon , not a lot has changed, I guess... 
There is a bit more info there, but I was too lazy to write the entire backstory there, and I still am now |3c
Super Mario Pixels by lurils
Super Mario Pixels
for a competition thingy 
all characters are from the mario series and the scenario based on mario series locations... I wanted to do a lot more, but deadline |3
Mario Series (c) Nintendo
Lurils - 09/2014 - Charathon SMASH Dump by lurils
Lurils - 09/2014 - Charathon SMASH Dump
Terrible collection of horrible drawings of SMASH BROS characters!
All done on [charathons] through the month of September

The characters are...

Megaman from Megaman series
Fox McCloud from Starfox series
Kirby from Kirby series
King Dedede and Waddle Dee from Kirby series
Greninja from Pokemon series
Marth from Fire Emblem series
Pit from Kid Icarus series
----you can see the full pic [here]----
Rosalina and Lumas from Mario series
Sneaky Spirit from Rhythm Heavens series
Zuree from Kid Icarus series
Yellow ghost from Find Mii series
Wisp from Kirby series
Gastly and Chandelure from Pokemon series
Poe from Legend of Zelda series

Pikachu from Pokemon series
Palutena from Kid Icarus series
Sonic The Hedgehog from Sonic series

Fox, kirby, dedede, waddle dee, wisp, greninja, pikachu, gastly, chandelure, marth, pit, palutena, zuree, rosalina, yellow ghost, sneaky spirit, poe (c) Nintendo and respective companies
Sonic (c) Sega
Megaman (c) Capcom
Lurils - 09/2014 - Charathon Dump by lurils
Lurils - 09/2014 - Charathon Dump
Terrible collection of horrible  drawings o
All done on [charathons] through the month of September

The characters are...

:iconcrayon-chewer:'s Clover
:iconinkyfirefly:'s Florence
:iconkorocho:’s Ravioli
Hom’s Lyr
:iconlurils:'s Maiban Mii
:iconacer0:'s Raiga

if anyone on the list have dA, or if I got anyone wrong... tell me so I can link here :3
Smash Final by lurils
Smash Final - Theme 

This week we had a smash bros themed Charathon and I decided to make all rounds into a single picture, and this is how it looks! 

Charathon, for those who don't know, is a fun event where people have to draw a character in an hour for each round, with a total of 4 rounds (more info on the link î ).
So each of those characters was made in a different round, in an hour each, and then were added to this BG that is basically my idea of the omega version of a kirby 64 final boss stage or something!

This was a lot of fun and I'm happy with the results

Smash bros, pit, kirby, 02, marth and greninja (c) nintendo and some other people  
One of my favorite things to do, is coming up with characters and developing their stories \o/
And I know tons of people here have some pretty awesome designs |3
So I'm doing this Tag thing too!

"For each of the first 10 people to comment, I will feature one of their characters, as well as tell you what I like about them! If you comment, DO the same in your journal, putting the tagger on in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!"

You don't have to do the tag yourself if you don't want \o
I hope someone actually comment so I can do that |3

But anyway, lets begin with the person I got the tag from!


:iconlhumina: Lhumina

Ah you have tons of very interesting and Funny characters, your original look so interesting you should draw them again! since I'm a kind of new watcher I don't really know them that well so I have to choose
:iconpkmnchickoryplz: PKMN Crossing: Hickory by Lhumina Hickory
Now him I have been following since the beginning, and he was one of the characters on Poke-xing that I most looked forward to seeing what was doing next, his character is so funny and lively, that all pictures he is in seen to have movement. And even with the limitations of a butterfree face, he is full of expression and emotion. tl;dr even tho the design is not 100% original, the character is unique and very well worked on.


:iconjamesfoxbr: James

Hum I know most of your characters almost personally heh, and I think you know what I think about most of them already, also it's really hard to tell which would be considered yours or Jonhs D:, Also you should not let your characters die, you have tons of characters I never hear about anymore |3
but anyway, I choose
Hoshi in the Rain by jamesfoxbr Hoshi
because he lives on my town, the end
...ok not really heh
He is probably one of your first characters, and his design is not the best...  
but he is a very special character of yours and I like him anyway! I'd like to see how he will look on your new style and if anything about him changed after all those years!


:iconjonhs-kitsune: Jonhs

I can say the same thing I said on James' I know most of your characters almoost personally and it's hard to know which are yours and which are James', but I'm almost sure this one is yours! I choose...
Sweet Example by Jonhs-Kitsune Sweet Figthers
There are two links above \o, but anyway...
So, also like James', I chose one of your early characters, I like this one a lot, even when he was more like a sonic fanchar /o/
I like his race concept, which is a mess, and the fact he is blue, I mean, he is a cool guy in general, but he disappeared on the past few years, what happened, is he in a super secret mission? is eh locked down by an evil corporation? Does he miss his family a lot? Find out that and a lot more on the next episode of- Don't forget your characters please D:  


:iconvampirekitty3: VampireKitty3

Ah sorry for the huge delay Dx This should have been done a week ago, anyway... You have tons of interesting characters, especially considering how many comics you have/had... And I'm sure Curse of the Cute will bring new favorite characters to me heh, but for now... I choose...
:iconvampirekitty3: Character Sheet: Veekay by vampirekitty3 Veekay
Your sona \o\, she is interesting, I'm still waiting to see more of the stories she is in humm.... And she is really cute in general hah, I also like the other guys from Black Cat Bounty Hunters I chose her because I saw more of her I guess humm...


:iconpannzilla: Pannzilla
Like always, a hard choice |3
This time for a different reason tho... You have many awesome designs both for original characters and fan charactes, but... there is almost no info about any of them Dx 
so... I choose...
Drill Brothers by Pannzilla Theo
I couldn't resist the cuteness |3 he is a fun character and super cute, the drill bros are really fun too and I'd like to see more of this team, even tho I'm not sure if we will ,:3c
I think I dropped comments on some other interesting designs I found on your page, but there is so little about them I decided to go for ones that I can actually see how they act as characters. I also could have chosen Code, but I think that would have been very partial of me, he and the NPCs from DC are very cool and interesting and I'm looking forward to seen more of them and interacting with them too hah.


:iconzeta-neubourn: Zeta
Zeta's turn! Zeta have tons of different characters with their own stories most of them being part of the same world, interesting things all around |3
but I'll chose one I don't see much off...
I choose...
Imp by Zeta-Neubourn Imp
I like her design a lot, the clothes especially and I think her picture shows a lot about what kind of character she is I wonder if she will ever appear again |3
I also have to say tat I thought about choosing the headbusters, but they are more like a race then a character, I like their designs a lot too |3
also honorable mention to the guys from nutria on the featured pic on his page and also, the mos creative character of all; Gene Eric heh
Really I looked at the gallery just to be sure I wasn't forgetting anyone, but all this characters are so unique I remembered every single one of them before even going there |3


:icon9000kingofsorrow: 9000kingofsorrow
wow 2 in a row? that's a first |3 
well I had to look through a lot of the gallery, because even tho I found many interesting designs they were mostly 'random ideas' or creatures, not characters... also most of them didn't have descriptions... =(
so... I choose...
Supremo by 9000Kingofsorrow Supremo
Well... at first, I liked the design, but I was feeling like it was going to be a really plain and over-powered character... considering he is named "Supremo" (supreme) and all, BUT I actually read the description (good thing Spanish and Portuguese are not too far apart) and... he IS OP, but his personality balances it out and make him a very fun character and there is a reason he is OP too so... Anyway I also really like the design, maybe it's because I love those head-on-tail things I don't know... 


:iconthe-quill-warrior: Quill Warrior
There are tons of unique characters on your deviantart, both on the concept and the Golden Sky Hero folders! I decided to choose between the 3 main ones from Golden Sky Hero...
so... I choose...
Frido Icon (Available for Use) by The-Quill-Warrior Frido
Yes the dragon dog, dog dragon, that is actually just a dragon, but an awesome one |3
I always fall for the "animal friend" I guess, but the personality and concept are both really nice. It's really fun to see him in action in the picture he is in |3. Also his little backstory, heh I don't know what adjective I should use, but, heh, I wonder if there is more to it or it's just what it is, either way it's great |3
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